Weekend Getaways Around Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is considered as a paradise for the travelers. A lot of things are there to explore in and around this city. It is a perfect gateway to some of the most ideal places for weekend vacation. Being an important city of Southern part of India, it has seamless road network connection with different places. Thus, get ready for a perfect long drive from Chennai to some of the best weekend destinations of India, as depicted below:

1. Pondicherry


Nestled at a distance of 171 KM from the city of Chennai, Pondicherry is undoubtedly a perfect place for enjoying a short holiday. It is also referred as ‘Little France of India’, as the place was under the rule of French colonials for a long time. The place is famous for its picturesque and exotic beaches, furnishing mesmerizing view of the Bay of Bengal. Pondicherry is a little beach town – clean, adorable and charming. There are some excellent restaurants, where tourists can hangout, savoring exotic seafood or continental dishes. Tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy various beach sporting activities. Exploring the city on a bicycle is the famous thing to do at Pondicherry. Beautifully designed houses at the either sides of narrow lanes will take you to the history of colonial era.

2. Pulicat Lake


This lake has been known as the largest brackish water lagoon or Lake of India. A drive of around 100 KM from Chennai will take you to Pulicat Bird Sanctuary within 2-3 hours. The place is ideal for bird watching and enjoying picturesque as well as tranquil nature. You shall love spotting some rare and interesting birds at this place. If photography is your passion, then this place is perfect to spend time for your passion.

3. Mahabalipuram


A drive of one hour from Chennai will take you to the heritage town of Mahabalipuram, which fascinates travelers with some beautiful ancient templates. They are considered as brilliant ancient architectural marvels. For example, you should pay a visit to Pancha Rathas Template, which has been developed in the structure of chariots. Pancha Ratha means five chariots, and they are related with Indian mythology Mahabharata. If you are thinking of visiting Mahabalipuram, then pay a visit between January and February. During this time, Mahabalipuram Dance Festival is organized. If you want to feel the essence of Indian culture, heritage and history, attending this festival is completely worthy.

4. Coorg


Situated a little far from Chennai, around 600 KM away, Coorg is an exceptional place, especially for those who love the concept of eco-tourism. It may take an extensive drive of 7-8 hours from Chennai to reach Coorg, but the trip is worth enjoying. Coorg offers pristine natural surroundings, feature lakes, forests and some ancient architectural marvels. The place is also known as a foodie’s paradise! Try out some of the exotic local delicacies – they are lip smacking indeed. A plan for 2-3 days is just perfect for exploring Coorg. However, few days more would be merrier.

5. Kolli Hills


Instead of visiting known destinations, come people love visiting an offbeat place. In that case, consider Kolli Hills is a must-visit weekend destination from Chennai. It is nearly 300 KM away from Chennai. The journey is itself thrill, as 70 hairpin bends through mountainous route will take you to the mesmerizing Kolli Hills. This is an ideal place to spend a weekend at the lap of nature, resting far from the cacophony of city life. You can enjoy tenting or camping, hiking, rock climbing and other adventure activities.

6. Coonoor


Take a long drive of 540 KM from Chennai to reach Coonoor, which is a small hamlet on top of the hill. Slow paced lifestyle of the local people will give you the perfect leisurely feeling. Though 2-3 days are recommended for visiting Coonoor, but you can make your trip merrier by stretching the days of staying at this place. Enticing greeneries and tranquil environment will bring the much needed refreshments to your life.

7. Nandi Hills


The adobe of clouds, Nandi Hills is surely a top weekend gateway for the travelers. This small and enticing hill station is also famous for historic reasons. Tipu Sultan, one of the greatest Indian warriors, stayed at this place for a long time after his retirement. Nandi Hills is located around 360 KM away from Chennai, and the place offers peaceful as well as pristine aura.

8. Vellore


Vellore is famous for medical tourism, but normal vacationers can also find a lot of things are there to be explored. It is often referred as the city of forts. Situated only 136 KM away, this place has various crucial historic landmarks.