Unplug monotony plugin beach Life – Gokarna – Rajesh Prasad

Since long time, I have‘t had a chance to ink my comments for any trip. Though am following TentNTrek in facebook, I can’t make a single trip with them. A day before this trip, I decided to join. In mid night, I had whatsapp my request and went to bed. Luck favoured me and my mobile ringed on 11th morning. One sweet lady voice confirmed my trip.

With clear mind, I started packing my backpack and started from Andhra Pradesh (i.e. Sullurpeta -2hr journey from Chennai).The trip Organiser was kind enough to wait for me. I managed to reach on time.

Day 01: Journey.

Trip stared in a well maintained A/C van at 13.30hrs from Chennai(Opp to Rohini theatre). Two guys Mr.Shan& Mr. P.K., organizer of this trip stepped in and formally gave an intro about the trip. It was a clear intro too.

I was the only guy who came alone for that trip. I was little uncomfortable to mingle with rest of the team, as lot of them were known to each other close loop and few of them started to take a nap.

Suddenly a strong voice kicked the silence.Yes, it was our Bahubali Shan forcefully wakes up and asks us to give a short self intro. He initiated a new game with cards-Mafia Vs Police. Game was so perfect, which pulled and bonded all as one family. No more close loops; our enjoyment got ignited and continued till Mr P.K stopped the van for dinner at Bangalore. It was almost 23.00 hrs.By seeing vasthu, we located a sitting place and exploited that dhaba. Not only the bill, even the dishes we bought for dinner was also shared among us. It was a beautiful proof, that all of them became like a single family. After feeding the butterfly in stomach, day 01 ended with a sound sleep in a push back seat.

Day 02: Gokarna beach, kudle beach, Om beach, Paradise beach, Half moon beach.

Morning 10.30 hrs, we reached our beach resort in Gokarna beach. It was simple, well maintained sharing rest room and a dress change room was also available.  After refreshment, we had our breakfast arranged by the organizer. Unlimited Breakfast level was restricted to Veg/Eggetarian and as per organizer Mr.PK’s instruction; we started our trip to kudle beach at 12.30hrs.

We reached kudle beach at around 13.30 hrs. Beach was shallow and tide was calm. We were little disappointed, as water games were cancelled due to elections in Karnataka. Fortunately, only kayaking was available for Rs500/hr. Almost 2 hrs we spent in beach and had lunch in a hotel which was facing the beach.Food was a bit costly and not upto the mark.After finishing the lunch, we started walking towards OM beach. This name came after the shape of beach.After reaching OM beach,there is a Cafe (Namaste Café) just at the end of stairs and after some refreshment at the cafe, we started to the paradise beach in ferry. They charged Rs 280/person for dropping us in the paradise beach. We reached paradise beach at 16.00hrs. As the name, so as the beach was. If you are a nature lover, you will even hesitate to blink. Just loved watching the tide hitting the rocks in beach. It was a good spot for photography too.

At 17.00 hrs, we started trekking towards OM beach.Trail was parallel to beach and hills. It was a great feast for selfie addicts. On the way hadrest for a while and enjoyed some wild fruits on the tree. When we reached OM beach it was around 18.00hrs. Tide was bit rough, with safe manner we had bath for an hour. We started returning back to Gokarna beach resort for night stay.

Everyone was totally tired .Wet dress, sticky beach sand and sultry environment made the  team feel really uncomfortable. After reaching the resort, everyone was rushing to rest room to take a bath. Out of the blue, resort has arranged a water shower stage with colourful lights to welcome us. Brain recharged, fun started again with dance. After refreshment, organizer had arranged delicious unlimited Veg/Non Veg dinner in the resort.With the pleasant climate, clear sky we had lot of Fun by playing with puppies and camp fire in beach. Our enjoyment continued till latenight 02.00hrs.Finally we ended up sleeping in a million star tents kept ready for us.

Day 03: Mahabaleshvar Temple

Our day started with a cool walk in Gokarna sea shore and a fresh bath in beach. As per our organizer, we packed our stuffs and got ready by 10.00 hrs. Eggetarian breakfast was ready in the resort. After finishing our breakfast, we started our trip to mahabaleshvar temple. We reached the temple by 12.00 hrs. I am not a religious person either. Honestly speaking, visiting the temples in Southern India is an experience within itself. I don’t mind trying anything in the universe. So eventually we stood in the queue for almost half an hour, just to have a feel of spirituality (Bhakti). Outlook of the temple was so modern withan amazing architecture. The Mahabaleshwar Temple also serves Mahaprasad which makes us to feel the traditional Kannadiga style. Some water games were arranged in the beach nearer to the temple. Due to time constrain we were not able to enjoy it.

After finishing our lunch in a hotel, we started our trip towards Chennai. Some new movie was played in the van. We stopped at chickmagaluru to have dinner. The climate was very cool. The Delicious non-Veg dinner has fed our appetite completely.Our night ended with sleeping on a push back seat.


DAY 04: Chennai.

Due to some reason, we arrive a bit late at Chennai. We have reached Chennai at 14.00hrs. With lot of hugging as adieu, we got down at our respective area. Finally our trip ended with a beautiful whatsapp group. New contacts and new friendship, it was a part of the beautiful and a memorable trip.

In short; TentNTrek know the pulse of travellers. Very happy to travel with them.

Have a trip, Make yourself relax and rejuvenate your soul.