Ooty – Keerthika Venkatesh

The “Queen of Hill stations “, Ooty is one of the best destinations of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This hill station is equally popular among the family as well as honeymooners. The place boasts of several charmers such as aromatic tea estate climate and lush surroundings. There are many natural as well as man-made wonders. So day one started when we reached the Forest base. We had breakfast and got ourselves refreshed. Then, around 11.am we started our trek as we all know the climate in Ooty remains pleasing throughout. It was a Ridge trek(the place where two sides of a mountain meet)as the walk was dangerous yet interesting. We were all tired after a trek. Reached the campsite around 1.00 pm to have lunch then after a full stomach of lunch we started our trek back to Catherine falls. We all knew it was an adventure trip so we did not waste our time by taking rest. The minute we reached Catherine falls we all divided into it. The route is a bit challenging for families and kids but not very difficult.

Waterflow was good, not very less or more. We had a wonderful bath in the falls. Water was chill and refreshing. The route will take us to the top of the falls which is just 25 feet high. We need to get down these 25 feet to take a bath. Need to climb a few rocks and boulders. But it’s worth it if the water flow is good enough for a bath. We didn’t know how the time flew away, it was already 5:30 pm so we started our road back to the campsite. It was time for campfire, I started playing music and all started dancing. It was fun seeing my whole family enjoying themselves as they usually are in a serious state. Later it was dinner time and we all were very tired and sleepy, But for a while, we all were chit-chatting with fellow travelers and finally went back to our tents to sleep. Next morning we all woke up at 7.00 am with a hot cup of tea. Had breakfast at 9:00 am and started our
trek to Rangaswamy Pillar with full of energy. This is nothing but the Kodanad viewpoint. You can see a straight-headed mountain peak from kodanad. It was a beautiful view. Next, we went to Karlad Lake. A place to visit with family and friends enjoy the boat rides and zip line rides. The best time to visit will be in the evenings to avoid the sun. By 2:00 pm we had our lunch. Later we did some street shopping as we all know that

homemade chocolate is famous there. We bought them and started our journey back to Chennai by 4:30 pm. This was one of the best and budget-friendly experiences which were arranged by tent n trek.

Thank you for the amazing trip. keep rocking!!

With loads of memories,
Keerthika Venkatesh