Nomad’s Journey to Serene beaches of Gokarna – Swapna G

The journey day

It all started with the ambiguous looks and within whispers – oh!! Am I gonna camp with these people ?? I along with never met before people waited for the mini bus to board for the journey to GOKARNA – The Alone Arabian beauty.

While the people of smaller groups occupied the seats together, solo travelers occupied the left outs. The journey started and there comes the ice breaking session, it began with juggling names, crorepathi – though we flunked to answer simple questions it was fun. By then there was the sense of acquaintance and we passed miles on miles with movies back to back and those much needed breaks.

Date with the beaches

Passing by those narrow sloppy red roads we reached a private compound by the beach. Few started clicking, few strolling by the shore, while others started munching the yummy breakfast.

Those sloppy cemented roads on the cliff within few miles led to Om beach. few took seats, gazed the waves infinitely hitting the shores, with Frisbee flying some energetic souls started playing in salt water, shutterbugs began experimenting with lenses on the picturesque shore.

Banana ride by the half moon beach

The banana ride, jet ski made few souls scare, while others experienced the adventure by the shore in the Half moon beach. Riding over the blazing water on boat we reached the Paradise beach. yummy pineapples , bread omelette and tea made the best evening snacks. Witnessing the awesome sunset by the beach the nomads were bonded and time just flew playing those fun games. By then it was time to pull up the sock for night trek.

Sunset by the Paradise beach

Dusk fun

Navigator heading the crew and torches lighting the path, we begun walking through those bushy mountains. Chitchatting, calling people by funny names, giggling, helping each other we were done with trail walking and for me it the best part of the trip.

Night trek along the shore

After the sumptuous dinner, with all the tents set by the shore and camp fire lit, there came our gifts for Christmas.

Sun kissed

With sun rays kissing the face passing through tent windows, melody of waves, waking up by the beach was altogether a different experience. After our morning chores, we headed to Murudeeshwar temple, The Gopuram of the majestic temple was fascinating also the shiva statue by the shore was an absolute picturesque spot for the shutterbugs.

Tribe hit the local market adjacent to temple to buy souvenirs. With the empty pockets and bags full it was the time to taste the local food of kanadigas.

It was again time for the road trip, but this time with lots of laughter and bonding. Dusk was falling rapidly and those swift hours were spent with lot of synergy and laughter.

Pounded heart

Selfies clicked, friend request given, whatsapp group created, with pounded heart it was time depart to get back to typical routine. And that’s how bunch of total strangers turned to buddies for Life.

All thanks to team TentNTrek for taking care every small thing, be it campers safety, food, accommodation, meeting up what was in the itinerary, timeliness. Over all it was very well planned and executed. Kudos to you guys!!!