How to Plan Your First Camping Trip?

Ahoy, all adventure freaks! Would you like to set out and break free your bindings to enjoy a stress camping holiday?

Every year people across the globe leave the comfort of their homes once to sleep in a tent amidst dark forest or by the beach side or simply in a farm and Indian is no exception.

However, prior to that your need to learn a few do’s and don’ts to enjoy a jam-packed outdoor session.
Campin’ for the first timers can seem to be a daunting task. You might feel a lil’ tensed about carrying those heavy tent and head lamps across the campsite, concerned about how to stay warm or cook a half-decent meal or try your hands first time on the BBQ… PHEW, loads of worries. Now lock those worries in a cupboard and just chilax! Be cool and try t’ be yourself.

This beginner campin’ guide can help you plan an exciting camping trip. Read everything to know where to start – this guide will assure that you are kinda’ ready for the trip!
However, first you need to answer yourself. Why would you go on a camping to beach, forest or a farm? Is it just to get on with your week’s hangover or simply enjoy a getaway far from the madding crowd? Cheers!


Why Go On a Campin’ Trip?

In many instances we have seen that people goes for camping trip to relax and mingle with nature. In many cases, we have seen people seek for adventure. Simply remember that whenever you move on a camping, you have to take into account what other people want to experience through this camping trip and their experience level. If you move out with beginners like you, the equipment that you will be carrying would be much opposed to travelling with an experience.

However, if you are going with a camping organizer who has trained resources in their team like our Team TAME then you going to camps will become like a dinner party, and the experience will be real beautiful. Aarrr, these people just ramp up your campin’ trips! So be ready to shiver your timbers!

Which Are Necessary Camping Equipments for Every First Timer?

Whether you go with an organizer or move alone with your selective group there is some basic camping thing, which is necessary to carry. Do make a checklist of them to make sure that your stay comfortable during the entire trip. You can buy some cheap items from Walmart, but if you have, good cash in your piggy bank go for high quality items that will last for many trips. So, before you set out for your camping trip one needs to shop a lil’.

What Are the Things to Shop?

• Buy a sleeping bag – Based on where you go make sure that you have chosen a sleeping bag that will offer you with enough warmth and can let you gain immense sleep during the night. Weather differences vary at night in the beach or at the forests, especially in the colder climates. You will find a minimum viable temperature rating, but make sure that you add 10 degrees more to be sure that you can snug comfortably under the bag. Check the minimum temperature of the area where you go on the internet and constantly keep a tap.
• Buy a tent – Though most of the organizer provides you with a tough tent, but it is always advisable to keep a tent for your own safety in case any mishap occurs and the tent provided is torn at the midnight. If only two of you are going on camping, it is better to choose a tent for three people. If you love privacy, you will also find one-man tents as well. That’s the finest pirate booty I’ve ever laid eyes on!
• Buy a sleeping mat – For all the survivalist, one should not move out of the house for camping without a sleeping mat, especially when you go on a camping a beginner or novice. You need to buy something soft and offers much comfort that you have desired. It should keep your body warm and offer insulation. Yet another finest pirate booty for the first time campers.
• Has a headlamp in your buyers list – Most of the beginners find it difficult to adjust with the darkness of the camping nights. If you walk, cook or do practically anything an LED headlight is the perfect companion. Though an organizer has proper lighting arrangement, yet a headlamp is for your safety.
• First aid kit –You must carry a first aid kit along with so that you can face the common situations such as with blisters, scrapes and cuts. You can prepare the first aid kit all by yourself at your home and avoid the potential dangers that might happen. If you are travelling to a place where the temperature is high say in a beach, then you must carry a sunscreen. If you are going deep inside a forest, you must carry a bug spray.
Why It Is Good to Choose an Organized Campsite Program forFirst Timers?
The organized campsites are one of the best options for the beginner camping freaks. Ahoy, crew! These people have experts in their team who can make you learn how to trek with equipments to enjoy every adventure sports with safety and guidance. You will find abundant supply of clean water, firewood available with them along with other necessary camping equipments.

What Should You Wear?

It is very important to know what to wear when you are enjoying a camping trip. Since you will be spending most of your time outdoor, this means you have a greater chance to stay exposed to harsh weather conditions. You need to pack warmer clothes than you actually think to be required. It is always a good idea to carry windproof jackets, sweaters, shirts, long johns and wool hats.

Weather reports can be a great aid to pack your clothes accordingly. It is good to get long boots, but always you would not find them helpful. It is good to have them while you are on a farm trip or mountain trips but not on beach camping. The footwear you choose should be comfortable and you must carry extra socks in case if one pair is wet. You might also carry a set of old or worn out clothes, as there are high chances to get dirty at the camping sites.


Your Action Plan

To ensure that every crew member enjoy a memorable stint with the nature and stay out of harm’ way, here’s an action plan to make you jolly!

• Gearing up
Figure out how much room you have and how long is the trip. If you are taking up hikes to a campsite, be careful about the weight and the bulk. Nobody will love to trek a 50-pound pack up a mountain! So you must stick to the absolute necessities and leave the extras for car camping.

• Pick a light backpack
Choose backpack based on the duration of your trek. The volume of the pack is measured in liters. You will find that multi-day packs are 60 to 80 liters and are perfect for two- to five-day hikes. If you are driving from one place to another or doing day hikes from one campsite to another, a small pack is enough to carry daily supplies.

• You must get a good sleep
Do not forget the ten, sleeping bag and your sleeping mat. And Aha, your pillow to snug comfortably and have a good sleep. The size of the tent depends on the number of people will squeeze in. You will come across a light-weight “three-season” tent perfect for spring, summer, and fall conditions designed to keep people dry during light snow or rain, and keep those bugs out! If you prefer camping in the winter, choose a mountaineering tent that is enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

• Firewood is a necessity
Unless you are planning to carry a BBQ, even many camp organizers have a provision for it, just like we have arrangement for it at Team TAME. But still the campers must carry some charcoal, fire starters, wood, newspapers, matches, propane, stove, skillet, pots, utensils, and cups, bowls or plates. You must check the site every time and use fire rings if available. Do keep the sand and water nearby in case your need to put out the fire instantly.

• What to chow?
You can take some of those granola bars, peanut butter, canned beans and soup, instant noodles, drink powders or simply depend on the local cuisines whose arrangement are made by the camping organizer. These canned foods are perfect for pack, would not spoil, and do not require cooking too much. And when you are camping make sure that you have, every hour while you take part in high intensity outdoor activities.

• Dress for comfort
Whether you are on a beach campin’ or a farm camping or maybe on the mountains you must make sure that you have dressed comfortably. Instead choose those moist wicking clothes and synthetic wool or socks or may be those light beachside clothes. A pack raingear, a sun hat, hiking boots, and swimsuit just in case are enough to keep you warm.

• What gadgets to carry
No we are not talking about video games or your iPhone. You can switch them off for a few days. Rather camping gears which we are talking of. It is a flashlight, extra batteries, a multi-kit and a phone charger for emergencies, that is sure to make your camping safe.

• It is better to stay clean
Whether you are on a camping or you are at home, hygiene is something up to yourself. Re going to get dirty in the beach sand or playing by the pond in a fam site or get dirty in the woods, so never forget to bring soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper. Even though camping organizers have proper arrangement for them, but still it is a necessity to have them in your kit bag. You can use baby wipes to get rid of dirt, carry a hand sanitizer always, try out soap to wash hair instead of shampoo.

• You must stay safe
If you are camping in a remote village, safety is no joke. Though the camp organizer has strict arrangement, but personal safety is up to yourself. You must carry a small first aid kit for personal medications.

• Add some great goodies
Your backpack must have some extra goodies that can entertain you in the rough camping trip. You must bring along a camera, set of binoculars, maps, books, folding chair, cooler and chapstick that makes trip in the beach, wood and mountains.

• Precaution is better than cure
You must proceed with camping when you want to hit a rough terrain, so make sure to wear good hiking boots or summer shorts for the beaches, slippers and carry sunscreen, take farm hats to protect from the winds and sun.


Hacks for a Memorable Camping Experience

1. If you have never been on the camps before you probably do not have the firsthand experience of putting up the tent. This is fine, but everyone has to start from somewhere. Once you purchase the tent, take it to the garden and practice putting up the tent and take it down as well. Remember crew, if you forget how to put up a tent or if you do not have a guide which an organized camp has, YouTube could turn up into a positive guide in obvious.

2. You must always have a plan in hand for the poor weather conditions. Say you are in a beach camp and a storm struck the sea shore. Even if you hear a sunny forecast, it is better to stay prepared for the worst conditions. Do have a waterproofing spray to keep your tent dry. In poor weather conditions you can make a small recreational area, so that despite of feeling stuck at one small place you have some common fun to share. Locate for a small gazebo or an awning with side covers can give you a relief from the tent and let you breathe some fresh air.

3. You must also have plans for good weather conditions. You must carry a full stock of sunscreen cream, comfortable yet light clothing as well as shades hats and umbrellas to black out the harmful effect of the sunrays. Some campsite shops will stock sun cream in the summer months so it is finding.

4. It is a myth that you need to bust from the day one in camping, that you can eat just as you eat at home. However, with the campsite organizers like Team TAME you can definitely enjoy the same. They have arrangement for BBQ and even portable stoves, gas canisters to cook food. With the help of camp organizers, you can do away with the worry of getting good cuisines, as they will let you enjoy local cuisines and exotic foods as well. However, if you are travelling alone then have a portable stove as always.

5. You cannot go wrong with the packing. Make sure you do not forget the essentials and to know what should be there in the backpack ask your camp organizers before you make up for a weekend trip.
Make sure that you do not arrive late by the mid-afternoon. Since, it is your priority to set up a camp. The guide will ask you to be sharp early in the morning to have a small expedition to the campsite, which may be a beach, farm or a mountain. You need to pitch the tents at your own and keep everything safe and dry. Keep those bags and sleeping bags rolled up until you actually need them. You must keep the tent zipped all the times so that no animals get in. before you on your trip, you must do a dry run and make sure that everything is perfect. At the same time, you can also practice setting up the tent at home before you actually leave foe the campsite. However, a guide will always be there to make your camping exciting.

Avast! Don’t be late as it will be your first camping trip. Blow yourself down with an exciting adventure.

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