Hampi – Keerthika Venkatesh

There is something magical about Hampi. It has amazing lists of temples or the magical stories, The myths about the legends, gods, and goddesses, or the surrounding countryside. Perhaps it’s a combination of all these things that make Hampi and its temples so special.

By 8 am we all should assemble at the Hampi Bazaar. Check-in at our hotels have breakfast and get ready to see the Hampi. The mode by which we all were traveling in Hampi is by a cycle that left me in shock. But I got in my mind that it is an adventure trip and not a Luxury one. Thus we started our day. The first place of the day we visited is Kadalekalu Ganesha. It is one of the largest statues of Lord Ganesha that exists in the southern part of India. The statue of Kadalekalu Ganesha is situated on the slope of the Hemakuta Hill. It is a remarkable statue and one of the most popular tourist sites in Hampi. Further, we went to Saasve Ganesha. In Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is notorious for his food habit. One day he ate so much food that his tummy almost busted. He just caught a snake and tied it around his tummy as a belt to save his tummy from bursting. This was an interesting story told by the guide. Further, we went to the Krishna temple monument, built by Krishnadevaraya. The Krishna Temple is also among the Group of Monuments which is currently listed as a part of the World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO. He was a lover of art and architecture and the temples and monuments constructed during his reign are famous for their architectural designs. This was going to be the last location as after lunch we would be going back to the hotel room. The location was the underground Shiva temple. This temple is committed to Lord Shiva which was built many meters below the ground degree. A water canal gadget too is visible round the principal temple. But this canal is dry and you can walk down to a degree from where it’s impossible to go. Then we had food at a nearby temple. The place was good, the food arrived as we all were waiting for it. It tasted delicious with the local flavors included. We returned the cycles and reached the hotel which was near the river Tungabhadra. It was a tiring day, had dinner at the local shops, and came to the hotel. All gathered and started singing and dancing enjoying themselves.

We all woke early at 5:00 am to see the sunrise at Mathanga hill. It was a 30 min walk from the place we stayed in. The place was magical. We were able to see the whole town from there. We returned to the hotel after a wonderful site had breakfast. Started to the next location which is the Verabadra temple This temple is quite ancient. Dating back to the Vijayanagara Empire’s time. It needs to be maintained as it has many issues. The next place is the Anjana hill, Kishkinda. The world-famous Hampi is not just known for its monuments but also its relation to mythology. It is believed that the Anjana hills near Hampi were the region of Kishkinda (in Ramayana). It was supposed to be the monkey kingdom which was ruled by King Vali and his brother Sugriva. This time we all had our lunch at the lakeside which was pleasing to sit and eat. The food was hastily made in their style. Finally, we had time to soo some street shopping at Hampi. The things were affordable and if we speak in their local language it’s quite less our guide helped us in shopping. We had dinner at 7:00 pm and started to rest as the next day we have to board our buses back to Chennai. This happened to be one of the best travel experiences I ever had. It was new as I tend to learn a lot of things about the histories and the culture our ancestors followed. Thank you tent n trek for an amazing experience. Even though I came all alone from Chennai I had the opportunity to get a new set of friends on the trip. keep rocking! Keep traveling!

With loads of memories,
Keerthika Venkatesh