Gokarna – Keerthika Venkatesh

Gokarna is the perfect place for people who just want to relax and chill on a beachside. It offers you a pleasing and calm environment to have your own pampering time. And while Goa is full of life and partying, Gokarna was more about relaxing and enjoying nature. The four beaches are the soul of Gokarna. Let us take a look at them. We will be able to find different types and cultures of people hanging there.

● Kudle Beach
This is one of the best places to visit sunset in Gokarna. This is because the sun starts to set at the kundala cliff and you can see a lot of boats against the orange sky. The whole scene will leave you speechless. According to the book, “The Ramayana of Valmiki,” Vol 5, Hanuman was born in Gokarna. But there are two places in the world named Gokarna, and the other one is in the Himalayas. So except for an arbitrary board on the way to Kudle beach, there is no conclusive evidence that Hanuman was born in Southern India. Nevertheless, you can play along with the myth and imagine the vast landscape around to be the monkey-god’s childhood playground

● OM Beach:
The distance between the Om beach and kundle beach is 30-45 min. We can swim a little here. There are also boat rides to Paradise beach, Halfmoonbeach, etc.

● Half Moon Beach:
From om beach, it will take an hour trek to reach Halfmoon beach. There are only two cafes so, if you want to have lunch you either need to pack from the guest house or order from one of the cafes.

● Paradise Beach

This is one of the most peaceful beaches in Gokarna.It is perfect for camping. The beach has two sections because of the huge rock in between. We will not be able to find more cafes. You are lucky if you find a local fruit seller or a stall here. Gokarna is not only famous for its beaches, it is also famous for temples.there are many temples like Sri Mahabaleshwar, Sri Bhadrakali Temple, Maha Ganapathi Temple,etc.. Gokarna is also a place where pious Hindus perform the last rites of departed ones. It is not uncommon for families to be hounded by local priests offering a ‘last rites package’. In Hindu custom, the last rites of a dead person typically go on for 13 days. Gokarna can be visited throughout the year, each season brings different activities to dive in

The best time to visit Gokarna is during winter. During this time the weather is pleasant here.we can enjoy some water activities like Scuba diving or snorkeling and also enjoy banana boats.

Nature would be at the best during this season but you will not be able to lay around the beach during this season

Summers can be really hot at Gokarna so it is not advisable to visit the place in the season. The water activities are still available to scorch the heat.
You can either stay in the town of Gokarna where road access and food is easy or stay with the drifters on Om Beach or Kudle Beach. If you want to get in touch with roots, you can also stay right on the beach. Half-moon beach would be ideal for a night under the stars. Gokarna has several other lodges, but do watch out for

Seasonal crowds that may leave you stranded if you have not made an advanced booking. Hope this helps you all to plan a backpacking trip to Gokarna.

With loads of memories,
Keerthika Venkatesh