Did you know Gokarna can give you the Goa Experience at a lower budget? I’ll tell you How.

When I needed a weekend getaway, and was low on budget to afford to go to overrated places like Goa or Alleppy, I chose to settle for Gokarna… I wasn’t expecting much from it. I was just satisfied that being on any beach is better than spending my weekend in the concrete jungle. So I set off for Gokarna on a Friday evening from Bangalore after a hectic week that had just passed by.

And, believe me! when I reached there, it was as if I couldn’t believe my eyes that I had landed on this underrated hidden paradise, barely a overnight journey away from Bangalore! As, my mind kept conflicting me to find flaws, I realised a few things along the way….

1. Geographically, Goa and Gokarna are the same Coastline

2. Gokarna is not as cluttered as Goa.

Who doesn’t love virgin-beaches, cleanliness and seclusion?

Day 1

Half Moon Beach

Gokarna – Half Moon Beach Trail

3.Gypsy Island! Doesn’t make Gokarna cooler yet?

What if I tell you, there is a secluded island which is accessible only through waterway and hippie travelers camp there for several days. Reminded me scenes from “Return to the blue Lagoon” and Leonardo Di’Caprio’s ” The Beach”.

Paradise Beach

Day 2

Kudle Beach

4.Transportation and going around the place is wayy cheaper.

Day 1

Om Beach

Day 2

Gokarna Beach

5. Accommodation ON THE BEACH is cheaper than a hotel which claims to walkable from the beach in Goa.

Beautiful shacks and cottages. Remember where Julia Roberts lived in Bali, the bamboo cottage in “Eat-Pray-Love” ? Yes, you heard me right, you can get similar experiences by not shedding out much off your pocket.

6. The Food and Drinks are very reasonably priced, and are much cheaper than what you get at Goa.

I know, I know, “eat to live and not live to eat”. But, Who doesn’t love to eat scrumptious food. A party is nothing without good food.

I had a great time out there, didn’t I? Honestly, I loved my 2 days there over my last 4 overly-expensive getaways to Goa. Right now, no other Beach destination has mesmerised me more than Gokarna.

Gokarna didn’t need any add-on pompous things to make our stay there better, although Tent N Trek did add the cherry on the pie and made my stay there even better than it already was. Here are a few experiences that I gained Exclusively because of TentNTrek.


Blog Written By : Aswathy Sreedhar