Camping by the beach side !!

It was a breezy evening when we started from our home. From porur via vandalur and kelambakkam we reached ECR. It was a journey just about 2 hours when we arrived at this spot that was mentioned in the mail sent from tent n trek. All this while I had crossed enough vehicles and heard enough honks and all of a sudden I noticed this lonely lane going to the left from the ECR. Immediately I call the coordinator to just confirm if I am on the correct route as I am travelling with my 5year old son and my husband has promised to join us for dinner time. The coordinator has a very pleasant greeting and asked us to wait where I was, so that he could guide us to the camping spot. It was just 5mins before he could arrive and we followed him almost 1.5kms inside the lane to discover a small little hatchery. I was asked to park my vehicle and take our belongings. Now we just cross the gates and we see this beautiful pine tree lined up and behind those trees was the space where we were going to have our camp tents that night. Since it was the first camping experience for my child I was very conscious that he must find it comfortable. As soon as we entered the camp space we also saw few other couples with their kids and this made us feel instantly comfortable. My son spotted a kite in the next 2 mins and he was ready to play with the kids there. It’s so surprising when you see such attitude with the kids sometimes. In a few mins he was busy flying the kite along the beach side.

After an hour we were taught how to pitch a tent which was quite easy and we did have our tent ready in next 5mins. My son was thrilled like never before and was jumping all over. Now that I was quite happy about the place I wanted to introduce myself to the others. The coordinator was now busy making us stand in a small circle and yes we got to know each other. It was a mixture of people from different locations and different mind sets. It was a beautiful evening to enjoy the sunset especially through the pine trees. My eyes were longing for more but it lasted only for a few mins. Couple of hours later we were informed that the born fire was ready. By then my husband had reached and he was equally thrilled to see the spot. Yes we also have a sumptuous dinner waiting for us. The chapattis and the chicken curry could never be missed and few of us had some meals as well. My son was happy with the dinner as it was hot and not so spicy, just good enough for his taste buds.

Now was the time for some music and games. We heard one of the dads who sang melodies from 80’s along with the sound of the waves. The sight of the beautiful sky with sparkling stars all around us was a treat to our eyes. I never realised how long we were gazing at the stars. The breeze had put us to sleep around midnight. We slept outside the tent in a sleeping bag while my boy slept inside very comfortably. We were also given a tent light in case of emergency. I woke up once at 3.30am only to watch a clear sky and some people playing in the beach trying to run behind crabs. My eyelids closed back to the soft breeze that touched my face.

I could now feel some warmth on my face and when I woke up I didn’t know where I was. Such a beautiful sight of the sunrise made me think I was dreaming. It was just 5.30am and it was a bright and beautiful morning. We went for a walk in the beach and returned. A hot cup of coffee was served at around 7am. Just thinking of all that we had been doing from last evening bought a smile on my face as it has been such a pleasant experience. Around 8am people in the camp started bidding farewell and we all decided to meet again soon. Yes, this Lilliput beach camp has been one of my memorable camps especially as this is the first one with my kid. Happy that I found Tent n trek and Manoj. Felt safe, secure and comfortable. I am sure I would be sharing quite a few memories in the future as I travel along. Until then Chao!!

With loads of memories,