Here are the best summer destinations in 2020 to travel to for an amazing summer vacation with your family and friends. Read on, to know more about all these exciting places. There is a long list of the best places to visit in the summer in India. so, hang on, and get ready for the best holiday destinations in summer!

• Wayanad, Kerala
While a lot of you are searching for places to visit in Wayanad. Loaded with charming waterfalls, caves, resorts, and homestays, this prominent town is renowned for its natural life. Wayanad has a large number of alternatives for its travelers. Do check Shola Shack which is an amazing place for nature lovers and experience seekers. Set amid the Shola forest, great for birding and mesmerizing sunset.

• Hampi, Karnataka
Hampi consist of lots of different temple complexes scattered around a vast area divided by a river. Until a couple of years ago locals were living in the temple complexes, but since it got declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, locals had to move out. Now all there is left in Hampi are ruins, temples, boulders, hills, and a handful of local homes all over the area.

• Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Kodaikanal is a beautiful and popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. At 2000+feet above sea level is accessible by foot and has picturesque views of valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and grassy hills. This is one of the main reasons to love and head to the place. The crowd at Kodaikanal is comparatively low as compared to Ooty and Coonoor.

• Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Shimla has a pleasant summer and snow-covered winters that is the reason for tourists all over the year. The place has amazing stories to tell some of the legends and more heritage. From the best shops to eat traditional clothes and leather goods. Head the place between July- September as it is the ideal time to visit Shimla.

• Raigad, Maharashtra
Many trekking places are in Maharashtra like Raigad, Thane, and Thala. These campsites are just 2 hrs distance from each other. Raigad fort is one of the most important forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja. These are the places that need to be explored with friends and families.

• Uttarkhand

Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful northern states of India located on the southern slope of the Himalayan range. Mighty Himalayan peaks and glaciers are on its north. The glacier’s two most important rivers Ganga and Yamuna are located here. Its nature is untouched by humans as the people who visit them are low. It has Ancient temples, Forest reserves, National parks, and mountain peaks.

• Meghalaya, Shillong

Meghalaya has become a happening ‘weekend destination’ for the well-heeled traveler who wants to see and experience something new and offbeat. Theoretically, it is possible to fly to Guwahati and explore Meghalaya over a long weekend of 4-5 days and go back via Guwahati airport. Meghalaya is the must-visit place in summer as it is known as the new Ladakh.

• Gokarna, Karnataka
Looking to spend some quality time with your friends and family by the sea and are you tired of the crowd in Goa. The ideal place would be Gokarna you can do a lot of things in Gokarna like a trek from one beach to another, practice yoga on the beach. It is a perfect place to unwind the leash of nature. From Mahabaleshwar to pristine beaches Gokarna is the epitome of beauty and spirituality. It has some of the loveliest beaches as they are less crowded and hassle-free.

• Munnar, Kerala
When you look at the tourist places in Munnar you will be confronted by a list of places from waterfalls to dams. The place also includes museums, Tea plantations, and historical places. Munnar is blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year. It is one of the easily accessible places in Kerala. Overall it is one of the best tourist destinations India.

With loads of memories,
Keerthika Venkatesh